About Vidical

VIDICAL is an exhibition featuring entries submitted by companies or persons involved in the creation process (commissioning parties, advertising agencies, designers, photographers, printing houses etc.) or authorized by the work’s copyright holders.

The aim of VIDICAL is promoting entries that can be regarded as works of art, stimulating the growth of editorship quality and encouraging publishers to use calendars and Christmas/New Year’s Eve cards as media for presenting the creative output of known and renowned as well as debuting artists.

Entries are assessed by a Jury of five or six members, including a designer, a photographer and a printer. Jury make-up is different each year but its members always come from circles professionally connected with art.

Jury Chairman in all Vidicals so far has been Prof. Stanisław Wieczorek from the Faculty of Graphics at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. The Jury chooses the best calendars, Christmas cards and New Year’s Eve cards in several categories and additionally gives special awards for best photographs, illustrations, graphic design, print quality etc.

VIDICAL is a non-profit event. Awards and special mentions are purely honorary. Vidical doesn’t receive government or EU subsidies, our only funding are donations from sponsors and exhibition fees.


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Zbigniew Płatek

Board Chairman

Zbigniew Płatek has been VIDICAL Board Chairman since 1996. He regards calendars as an excellent means of promotion for publishers. He has been involved in giving every calendar a chance to reach a wider public and make history if it’s good enough.

Andrzej Zabielski

Art Manager

Andrzej Zabielski – born 1953 (December), graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology

“In late 70’s one of my friends did a diploma project at the Fine Arts Academy under Prof. Leszek Hołdanowicz. She chose to create a calendar for a company (state-owned of course, like most companies at that time) that manufactured screws, nuts or other kind of metal thingummies. I thought her design was totally awesome. The examination board must have liked it as well because they gave it an A. It changed the way I looked at calendars. With all the crappy stuff around back then, I wasn’t expecting that this theme would carry so many creative possibilities and could be handled so nice. And I would have never thought that in about 20 years I would become one of the biggest experts in calendars in Poland.”

Michał Grabiec

Competition organization

I’m into everything related to computers and digital art. I love projects like VIDICAL; showcasing excellent graphics is a nice job. I’d like VIDICAL to feature more and more entries, not only from Poland but from all over the world. Calendars are the essence of functional graphics, they have to keep their appeal throughout the entire year. I try to use new media to make other people share my fascination with this form of graphics.   Vidical Facebook →