Jury VIDICAL 2012.

Traditionally, Prof. Stanisław Wieczorek (Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts) was elected Vidical Jury Chairman. Prof. Wieczorek is a renowned graphic and poster designer, author of book and magazine designs and painter. /more/

Other Jury members were:

Waldemar Fydrych, Andrzej Heidrich, Prof. Wojciech Prażmowski, Andrzej Tomaszewski.

Waldemar Fydrych studied history and history of art in Wrocław where he also co-founded and led a happening group called Pomarańczowa Alternatywa (or Orange Alternative). He is an author of three books and a painter known for his images of dwarves. /more/

Andrzej Heidrich, graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, best known for his banknote designs and modifications of Poland’s national coat of arms. Portrayed in a documentary “Wielki człowiek małej grafiki” (or “A Great Man of Small Designs”). /more/

Andrzej Tomaszewski – typographer, printer, author of articles on typography and history of book and printing written for printing and publishing magazines. For his typography designs uses computer and lead types with equal skill. Winner of several awards for book designs. /more/

The Jury included also Prof. Wojciech Prażmowski, lecturer at The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School (PWSFTviT) and Academies of Fine Arts in Poznań and Warsaw. He is a widely renowned photographer, showcased at almost 250 photo exhibitions worldwide. /more/

From left to right: Professor Stanisław Wieczorek, Waldemar Fydrych, Andrzej Tomaszewski, Andrzej Heidrich, Professor Wojciech Prażmowski. Photo: Wojciech Hrydzewicz.